Anthony Welter

Anthony Welter has been an Audio/Video Editor, Recording Engineer and Production Manager in film and television for over 13 years. Starting from a music background, Anthony has toured all over Europe, Asia and America performing and DJ-ing his music. Aside from a strong Electronic music and Hip Hop background, Anthony was a studio drummer for various artists while living in Los Angeles.



Ezra is a musician and web developer. During 2016-17 he worked as a private music instructor at Pyramind. You can find his Pyramind music tutorials here. He played six-string bass in an Chicago instrumental math rock band called Piglet and is the author of two books on music cryptography. Private sessions with Ezra are tailored to the student's interest - all genres of music are welcome. You pick a song and we will recreate it in the DAW of your choice. Learning chord theory will help you to build a more nuanced musical vocabulary and provide you with more creative options as a songwriter.

Contact Ezra for all your one-on-one music theory training.


Isaac Cotec

Isaac Cotec has his hands in many aspects of the Music Industry. Over the past decade he’s been a Record Label Owner, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, a researcher in altering consciousness through sound, a touring musician and an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

Contact Isaac for all your Ableton one-on-one training.



Julie rocks ours admissions desk and will be the first person to help you out with your enrollment. You can drop her any questions you might have here.